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What are examples of topics around ideas and innovations that help promote end-to-end AM Trust?

Objective 1 – Standards

Promote standards and best practices (or otherwise offer guidance)

  • Create guidance, promote standards and define best practices in AM
  • Technologies include those needed to establish a trusted end-to-end digital thread for automated and connected manufacturing, such as additive and hybrid manufacturing, automation, cyber security, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, sensors, machines, robotics, computing and communications
  • Work with government (federal, state, local) to improve formulating and promoting regulations to address workplace safety and environmental impacts of AM

Objective 2 – Workforce

Broaden knowledge and abilities for AM workers within communities

  • Attract skilled and novice workers to the field of advanced manufacturing
  • Encourage High Schools, Vo-Tech, Community Colleges, Universities, and Industry to attract students and address training gaps in AM
  • Lower barriers for workforce training especially in underserved communities
  • Partner with government, industry, and academia to better promote advanced manufacturing

Objective 3 – Acquisition

Simplify and expedite contracting

  • Simplify current procurement and acquisition processes in government and industry
  • Identify appropriate acquisition strategies for AM
  • Identify barriers that exist in acquisition statutes, regulations, and policies
  • Define methods of recourse to increase trust in AM

Objective 4 – Certification

Define testing methods and rigorous exit criteria for AM part delivery acceptance

  • Identify test and certification approaches, methods, and solutions as needed or already exist to increase trust in AM
  • Name authorities that should be involved in defining and approving test and certification methods in AM

Objective 5 – Market Design

Leverage recent advances in market design to create a fair and efficient AM marketplace where:

  • Buyers can safely secure the highest quality AM solutions at the best value
  • Suppliers can bid confidently, avoid winner’s curse, and maximize profits
  • Contracts at various levels of complexity can be negotiated and won with simple and efficient rules
  • Competitive small to medium sized suppliers have equal opportunities to win contracts when competing against larger organizations
  • Collusion and predatory bidding behavior is prevented

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